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2018 Calendar Raffle Winners!

Posted by Bow Cal Ripken Baseball at May 22, 2018 1:54PM PDT

Week 1:
5th: $100 Cash – Guerrette
6th: $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Allison Lellos
7th: $25 Constantly Pizza – Stephanie Parzick
8th: $25 Pitchfork Records – Laura & Tom Clancy
9th: $25 Common Man – Anna Zerba
10th: $25 Sal’s Pizza – Scot & April McKee
11th: $25 Gas Lighter – Pam Roberge
12th: $100 Cash – Donnie Stone

Week 2:
13th: $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Christine Baier
14th: $25 Salon K – Herbie Madden
15th: $25 Things Are Cooking – Kelly Laflamme
16th: $25 Vision Shoppe – Doris Dill
17th: $25 Veano’s 2 – Marci Howe
18th: $25 Dos Amigos: Elaina Russanmas
19th: $100 Cash – Bernet LaLonde

Week 3:
20th: $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Peg Marroacco
21st: $25 Cobblestone – Vance Gula
22nd: $25 Constantly Pizza – Lindsay & Tim Fish
23rd: $25 Salon K – Sarah Enos
24th: $25 The Works – Shelly Folsom
25th: $25 Vinnie’s Pizza – Lisa Stonecipher
26th: $100 Cash – Bill Aitchison

Week 4:
27th: $100 Dick’s Sporting Goods – Mike Donati
28th: $25 Joe King’s – Cindy Flanagan
29th: $25 Joe King’s – Sarah Enos
30th: 2 Red Sox Box Tickets – Robert Cheney
31st: 4 Patriot’s Pre-Season Tickets – Jenn Nadzan

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2018 All-Star Tryouts

Posted by Bow Cal Ripken Baseball at May 10, 2018 2:27PM PDT

Although we have had All-Star tryouts on the books for some time, we never officially had the time of day or location. We are happy to announce that the times have been established, the impartial evaluators are chosen and the field is Gergler.

All the information you will need is in the attached document; however, I will elaborate on a few issues.

First, these are tryouts, not evaluations, so not all the boys will be chosen for the team. In years past, teams have usually been comprised of twelve players. Also, although these are tryouts, decision to place a boy on one of the teams is NOT just based on athletic talent. The evaluators and coaches are looking closely at sportsmanship as well…how they listen, behave, treat others, encourage team mates, etc. etc. Second, in order to qualify for the team, a boy must play in at least 50% of the regular season games. As you will read in the document, the boys placed on a team will be expected to make this team a priority over other teams. Their attendance for practices and games is expected by the board and coaches. Practice times have not been established yet, and will be chosen by the head coaches of the teams. Historically, practices have been one day a week until the regular season ends, and twice a week afterward.

Last, and we can’t mention this enough (as you will see in the document), this team does not guarantee equal playing time. These teams are specifically put together to create the most competitive team possible. We never lose sight that the boys are playing baseball because it is fun, but All-Star teams enter the State tournament trying to win. If your boy is chosen, do not expect equal playing time.

Please see the attached document for all the information you need. Although I might kick myself later for offering this, if you do have any questions concerning All-Star tryouts, team formation, league age, or the tournament itself, please email me. I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner.

If your boy is trying out, please print, read and sign the attached document. Please have your boy bring his bat, helmet, glove and water bottle. Please make sure they are wearing cleats. Also, please come ready to give shirt size and three choices of jersey number in the case they are selected. The boys will be run through fielding, throwing and hitting stations.

Good luck to all those that tryout.


Mark Nadzan

Bow Cal Ripken President

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March -23rd – 25th
20% OFF

Flyer Attached

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Bow Athletic Club and Concord Sports Center are excited to bring you a Bow Cal Ripken baseball clinic for all boys registered in the Minors or Majors division. The link to register and view all relevant information is -

Concord Sports Center will be offering Bow Cal Ripken workouts this March. These workouts will focus on preparing the player’s for their upcoming seasons. Pre-registration is required for each session. The cost is only $10 per session. These workouts will be capped at 12 player’s per session, so please register sooner than later. The sessions include -

Friday, March 9th – 6pm-7pm
Workout Topic: Developing proper Hitting Mechanics.
Instructor: David Drouin

Friday, March 16th – 6pm-7pm
Workout Topic: Pitching and Catching Fundamentals
Instructor: David Drouin

Friday, March 16th – 7pm-8pm
Workout Topic: Developing proper Hitting Mechanics.
Instructor: David Drouin

Saturday, March 24 – 10am-11am
Proper Fielding Positioning and Timing
Instructor: Bryan Caruso

Saturday, March 24 – 1130am-1230pm
Workout Topic: Pitching and Catching Fundamentals
Instructor: David Drouin

Saturday, March 31 – 10am-11am
Workout Topic: Hitting Mechanics and Developing an Approach
Instructor: Bryan Caruso

Saturday, March 31 – 12:00pm-1:00pm
Workout Topic: Pitching and Catching Fundamentals
Instructor: David Drouin


Welcome to BAC Baseball and Softball’s 2018 season. All the following information as well as ONLINE REGISTRATION is now open for boys 6-16 (no Kindergartners) and girls age K-16 at Registration costs will increase by $25 for Cal Ripken & softball ONLY (not Babe Ruth) after March 15th.


Children registered for Minors/Majors Baseball (ages 9, 10, 11 & 12 by May 1st) and 10U & 12U softball are required to be evaluated to help with team placement. Rookie age boys (6, 7, 8 by May 1st) can “play up” into Minors by evaluating in the top 30% of those players. Evaluations will occur in the BMS gym and will consist of fielding, hitting, pitching and catcher drills that will last 30 to 45 minutes. At drop off, parents will need to review and sign their child’s medical release form that will be kept with their child’s coach throughout the season. ShirtMasters will be available with demos for your child to try on to help choose the appropriate size shirt for the season.

Majors Evaluations Minor Evaluations Softball Evaluations
(ages 11 and 12) (ages 9 and 10) (ages 9, 10, 11, 12)
Monday, March 19th Tuesday, March 20th Sunday, March 25th
Last Name A-L from 5:30-6:30PM Last Name A-L from 5:30PM-6:30PM from 9AM – 3PM
Last Name M-Z from 6:30-7:30PM Last Name M-Z from 6:30PM-7:30PM

Big Al Coach’s Clinic

On Sunday, April 8th, at Portsmouth High School, all current and specifically future baseball/softball coaches are invited to attend a paid for Coaching Clinic. Learn how to teach the fundamental skills of the game and learn how to plan fun and effective practices. More information can be found at – Updates will be made if an closer clinic becomes available.

Local Clinics and Baseball/Softball Camps

Various clinics will be offered around the area. A Bow specific pitching and catching clinic is being organized. Please check the following link to stay updated on these opportunities –

Dick’s Sporting Goods League Appreciation Sale

League Appreciation Weekend at the Concord Dick’s Sporting Goods store is on March 24th & 25th. This is a 20% off sale throughout the entire store with just a few exclusions noted on the flyer and at the discretion of the store. Details and the coupon will be made available on our website at a later date.

Opening Day

Opening Day events are scheduled for the morning of May 5th. This includes team pictures, a parade down Albin Rd to Gergler Field, followed by Opening Day Ceremony and The First Pitch. Afterward, games are played at various fields in Bow.

Bow Night at the Fisher Cats

Save the date Saturday, May 19th for our annual Bow Night at the Fisher Cats. All seats are pre-purchased to guarantee all Bow players and their families sit in the same area.

All-Star Tryouts

Save the date of Sunday, May 20th in the afternoon. 8U, 10U 12U & Laconia All-Star will be held. No playing up for All-Stars. Players need to play in their appropriate age bracket according to age before May 1st (except for Laconia team).


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