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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BAC?

The Bow athletic club is a 5013c non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide equal and affordable opportunities for the children of Bow to compete in Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Basketball, and Field Hockey.

Does the BAC provide scholarships to help offset registration fees?

Yes, Equipment and financial scholarships are available on an as-needed basis.  For more information regarding our scholarship program, please contact Jared Bland (


Does the BAC support online registration?

Yes, as of the fall of 2011, the BAC has moved to online registration for all of our programs. You can access our online registration for all our programs except for Bow Youth Lacrosse at  Bow Youth Lacrosse Registration is accessible at:

If I register online for a program, do I need to attend any in-person registration nights offered for that program?
No, once you have completed the online registration for your child or children, then they are fully registered for the program(s) you register for and there is no need to register in person.  These "in-person" registration nights are geared toward those unable to register online or prefer an in-person registration.  Feel free, however, to stop by on these nights if you do have questions that you wish answered face to face.



For BAC programs that overlap with school sports, is my child able to participate in both, or am I able to signup for the BAC and get a refund if they make and decide to play a school sport?

For the most part, the BAC does allow participation on our teams AND school teams. This is typically up to the discretion of each sport and/or School Team.  We do urge you to sign up if you are considering the BAC,  as it helps us with numbers etc as the BAC populates our teams for our respective sports. If you do sign up for the BAC and subsequently decide to only participate on a school team, you will get a full refund of any monies paid to BAC.