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Bow Athletic Club - Wheeler Award

The annual Robert D. Wheeler Award is proudly presented by the Bow Athletic Club’s Board of Directors. This award is presented to one 8th grade boy and girl who has participated on a Middle School or BAC sponsored sport team.  

Award winners were chosen based on nominations submitted to the board of directors by their coaches. Coaches submitted nominations that distinguished these students for their overall team commitment, contribution, and sportsmanship.  To nominate a candidate for this year's award, download the nomination form, by clicking here, and follow the submission instructions.

The BAC is proud to offer this award as a recognition of these students and their continuous demonstration of the team sport values so important to the late Robert D. Wheeler, founder of the Bow Athletic Club.


      Wheeler Award Recipients

2024 Peyton Vaughn Ben Reardon
2023 Cadence Malone Sam Kelso
2022 Ella Trefethen

Jake Reardon

2021 Maeve Nadzan Brady Lover
2020 Briget Hilton Sean Gurrette
2019 Alexandra Larrabee Ryan Lover
2018 Sarah Guerrette  Myles Rheinhardt 


Makayla Murray

Shaun Lover

2016 Elizabeth Guertin Steven Guerrette
2015 Libby Parker Sam Berube
2014 Katie Begley Brian Bushnell
2013 Olivia Krause Jack Rich
2012 Amanda Murray Evan Vulgamore
2011 Lilly Naimie Matthew Smethurst
2010 Kirsten Bresson Derek Polish
2009 Lindsey Nerbonne Danny Crisman
2008 Missy Gloekler Jon Vinnenberg
2007 Kerry Bolduc Connor Hill
2006 Julia Romano Dylan Lucas
2005 Ali Meagher Dan Yvars
2004 Kaitlyn Hinck John Romano
2003 Kelly Ryan Nick Laboe
2002 Katelyn Nerbonne Aaron Phinney
2001 Paige Worthington Chris Knight
2000 Beth Haubrich Chris Vaughn
1999 Michelle Stebbings Matt Vaughn
1998 * Whitney Bean David Hinck
  Jennifer Haubrich Brian Sharkey **
    Nate Stone **
1997 Erica Kensey Doug Currie
1996 Stefanie Hale David Loo
1995 Alison Boyd Jeremy Dodson
1994 Julie Tanguay Justin Lian
1993 Meredith Cass Tim McMillen
1992 Katie Pike Brian Marquis
1991 Cara Delahanty Robert Ricard
1990 Aimee Tanguay Chris Winship
1989 Lindsay Smith Scott O’Donnell
1988 Nikki Bowler Phil Hill
1987 Sue Ricard Doug Scranton
1986 Stephanie Wentworth Michael Pepin
1985 Jennifer Cook Rob Malay
1984 Sarah Paveglio Shawn Graham
1983 Sonia Rochefort Michael Hale

* One award for 9th grade, one for middle school, due to transition to BHS

** Shared middle school award – "too close to call."