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BAC Cal Ripken

Welcome to Bow Baseball!

Questions or comments about the program please do not hesitate to reach out.


Baseball Director


Chuck Katsikides



At Minimum:

  • Glove – Make sure the size is correct to the age group you are playing if you are unsure ask the Director or your coach. 

  • Cleats 

  • Helmet

  • Water Bottle

  • White Baseball Pants 

  • Bat


  • Batting Gloves

  • Baseball Bag (has a place for all their equipment)

  • Catchers Gear (Rookies - Babe Ruth)



Below are descriptions of our baseball programs offered through the Bow Athletic Club:


Ages 4-6 - The Tee Ball program serves as an introduction to the game, focusing on learning fundamentals and having fun. Players start the season batting from a tee, until they are ready for the coaches to pitch to them. Teams are coed. Games are played in Bow at the field behind Bow Elementary school on Saturdays and last about an hour.  No scores or standings are kept. There are no outs, and all players play the field and bat each inning. Each player receives a hat and Jersey shirt to keep.

Ages 7-8 - This age is our Rookie baseball program. Players begin to refine their skills and learn how the game is played. The games are more structured, and traditional positions are played in the field. Coach Pitch format is used, and the sides switch when either the batting team scores five runs, or the fielding team makes three outs. Games are five innings, and usually run about an hour and a half. A scorebook is kept. All players are in the batting order, and no player sits on the bench for two consecutive innings. Teams usually practice once or twice a week depending on field availability. Girls can choose to play either softball or baseball at this age. Each player receives a hat, a T-shirt, and socks to keep.

10U Minors Baseball - This is for players 10 and under, most of the traditional baseball rules are followed. Special rules include a five runs-per-inning rule, and players who pitch are limited to three innings per game and six innings per week. All players are in the batting order, and every player must play at least two innings in the field. Baseball players use a Babe Ruth approved baseball, pitch from 46 feet, and can steal but cannot lead. Games are played against other towns, and there are playoffs at the end of the season.

12U Majors Baseball - This program is for players 12 and under. All players must play at least two innings in the field, and come up to bat at least once a game. Games are played against other towns, and there are playoffs at the end of the season.

Ages 13 - 15 Babe Ruth Baseball - At this level, Major League field dimensions and rules are in effect. There are playoffs at the end of the season.


Program Calendar

Spring Season Registration begins in Early January

Season Start - April

Games begin - Mid-April

Season Ends -June 



2023 Season:

Cal Ripken – Any player born prior to May 1, 2019 and on or after May 1, 2010 will be eligible for Cal Ripken Baseball League competition.
Any player that turns 4-years-old in the months of May, June, July and August of 2019 is eligible to participate in the Cal Ripken T-Ball Division. Please visit Babe Ruth website below for details in regards to age for 2023!


Babe Ruth League Bat Rules



USA Baseball T-Ball Stamp

Cal-Ripken Baseball:

USA Baseball Marking
2 5/8" Barrel Maximum


Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15
2 5/8" Barrel
USA Baseball Marking or BBCOR .50


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