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The Dynasty Starts Here!!!


Bow Brawlers (part of Bow Athletic Club) is a rigorous training model that operates on the principle that enjoyable, intense challenges, bring beneficial changes. We provide a fun, structured, accountable environment that pushes athletes to their physical and mental limits. With workouts including wrestling, drilling exercises, (repetition), and cross training. Athletes will learn how positive traits, discipline, hard work and responsibility contribute to their success as an individual as well as a future wrestler.

Bow Brawlers is a 1st - 8th Grade COED program, with three divisions. The Black Division is 1st -2nd Grade, and will practice once a week on Monday Evenings from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM with focus on training and understanding of basic wrestling skillsets on the mats. The Grey division is 3rd - 5th Grade and will practice twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM. The Gold Division is 6th - 8th Grade and will practice three times a week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM. As the Season progresses our more advanced wrestlers, of all groups may be invited (by coaches discretion) to a Friday night advanced practice.  Practices will take place at the Bow Elementary School.

Compression shirts will be provided as part of the cost of registration for 1st - 5th Grades, (Black and Grey Divisions). 6th-8th Grade Gold Division must select and additionally purchase a competition singlet or competition fighter shirt/shorts . Younger divisions can choose to purchase a singlet should they want one, but it is not necessary for the season.  Gold division will also receive headgear as part of the cost of registration. Wrestling shoes are not included and should be purchased independently.

Black Team Practice will begin practice 11/27/23.

Grey Team Practice will begin 11/28/23.

Gold Team Practice will begin 11/27/23.

All Practices unless specified otherwise, are to be held at Bow Elementary School Cafeteria, and due to space constraints, are unfortunately closed to parent viewing. Parents may either drop their wrestlers off or wait in the elementary school hallway for the duration of practice.